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 School Information


The School Day

Pupils are required to be on site between 8:35 am and 4:10 pm

Lesson Times
Assembly / Registration 08.45 – 09.00
Period 1 09.05 – 09.40
Period 2 09.40 – 10.15
Long Break 10.15 – 10.35
Period 3 10.35 – 11.10
Period 4 11.10 – 11.45
Short Break 11.45 – 11.50
Period 5 11.50 – 12.25
Period 6 12.25 – 13.00
Lunch 13.00 – 14.00
Tutorial 14.00 – 14.15
Registration 14.15 – 14.20
Period 7 14.20 – 14.55
Period 8 14.55 – 15.30
Period 9 15.30 – 16.10
Assembly Structure
Each morning, between 8:45 am and 9:00 am, pupils will attend an assembly or a tutorial session with their form tutor.

Monday – ‘Business Assembly’, the whole school gathers to look forward to the events of the week ahead and to celebrate the achievements of various individuals, groups and teams. Presided over by the Headmaster.
Tuesday – Year Group or Sectional Assemblies, given by Heads of Year, or tutorial sessions with tutors.
Wednesday – House Assemblies. Each of the four houses meets with the Housemaster/mistress and House Prefects to celebrate house identity, plan house activities and charity fund raising.
Thursday – ‘Spiritual Assembly’. A member of Staff leads a short service at which the whole school is present. There is a hymn, a reading (usually from the Bible) and a homily.
Friday – same pattern as Tuesday.
Break & Lunch
The Tuck Shop opens at Break (10:15 – 10:35) and offers snacks including hot dogs, bacon rolls, pizza slices, fruit juice or milk based drinks, home made cookies and chocolate.
School lunches with a choice of menu within a policy of healthy eating in the Dining Hall, paid for on a termly basis. Pupils may bring sandwich lunches which are eaten in the Dining Hall.

Co-curricular activities
After the end of the formal school day there are activities and games fixtures which may require pupils to stay later, of which advance notice is always given.
Games fixtures with other schools take place on most Saturday mornings during all three terms, and cricket during the afternoon in the Summer term

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